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Tuesday, March 26, 2013



I've been wanting to post about my sister for a very looonngggg while.

I've been observing my sister every time we go out. She has this good habit of picking up trash, no matter where it was, and throw it away in a bin. But an empty bottle on the pathway couldn't do harm to anybody, right? And anyway, that empty bottle is dirty. Personally, I wouldn't want to touch anything dirty on the pathway when I'm oh so clean and tidy.

It is a small act in a human's eyes, but Allah sees it as a great act of kindness.

Another good habit of hers is to greet vendors at the market cheerfully. We all have the usual shops that we like to go to. We have seen them time and again, so why do we need to greet them like we have not seen them for long? But she doesn't care if people look at her strangely when she does that (even I feel weird)

So with the observation I made, I'll try to emulate her.




Tomorrow I'm going for an interview at Hanis Montessori. I pray to Allah, may He ease my path towards becoming part of the teaching staff there, amiin~

For the past few months, I kept seeing my path directing me to the teaching field. I was asked to help my nieces with their Quran recitation, and then a friend came up and asked for volunteers to tutor students with sicknesses that make them miss school many times, and I went for an interview for a teaching position at PCF kindergartens (though I've already turn down the offer unofficially), and now this interview came along..

However, a point brought up by a friend makes me think. The mother of the student I'll be tutoring asked me to help out her daughter with her recitation too. My friend told me that I was lucky to have the opportunity to teach Quran recitation.. pahala berterusan as long as what I taught is being practiced.

I reflected upon myself... have I been sincere, Lillahi Ta'ala, when I teach? Or do I work only for worldly gains?

Will I stand in front of Allah, saying I've been teaching for the sake of Him, only to have those empty words thrown back at me?


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

tak sabar nak kembali ke sekolah


Aaarrgghh... dua bulan sebelum ini, terasa berkobar-kobar nak mulakan sekolah semula. Bila duduk berbincang dengan pensyarah, masyaAllah, otak yang dah kempis nie terasa kembang semula. Input-input yang bernas buat diri terasa tak sabar nak menaip dan menulis.

Tapi... bila jauh dari pandangan, semangat pun dah jadi pudar. Apa yang dah dibincangkan semua seolah-olah dah jadi kenangan. Seakan masuk telinga kiri, keluar telinga kanan (saja terbalikkan sebab nak rhyme).

Sekarang dah kena siapkan surat minta maaf campur air mata. Tak dapatlah den nak sambung belajar di UM buat masa nie. InsyaAllah satu hari den kembali lagi. Buat masa nie, ambil udara baru pula. Suasana baru. Teman-teman baru. Pensyarah-pensyarah baru. InsyaAllah, jika tiada halangan, esok nak daftar di INCEIF. Moga dipermudahkan urusan. Moga Allah redha.


and the time just flies..


Since my last update, alhamdulillah, my sister is already safely engaged. Now, we are busy making preparations for September event. There were a lot of heated discussions, even before the engagement, between my sister & I and our mother. My sister wanted a simple engagement and wedding (and I agreed) but my mother kept asking to consider our BIG family. Simple just couldn't be done. And anyway, since it's a first wedding for the family, everybody wanted it to be a HUGE success.

We both wanted just what pertains in Sunnah, but culture caused a hindrance to it.

When it's my turn, I hope my mother and relatives will be much more understanding to accept what I want for my event.

p/s: ukhti soghirah, this is for you :))