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Sunday, July 20, 2008

everything felt so different...
i don't even know how to define myself right now
even with my closest friend, i cannot share some secrets any more...

sometimes i feel, my friends don't understand me,
don't understand my situation,
don't understand my reactions...

along came another
one that show care and concern
or is it, too much care and concern...?

i don't know what i truly feel about this person..
i'm not crazy about him
but i simply can't ignore messages from him...

sometimes, i enjoy being the centre of his attention...
even though i kept saying that nothing will come between us...

maybe, just maybe, i've never been treated this way before...
by any other guy
and he somehow touched a tender part in me...

i never wanted myself to be this way

now I’m easily offended
my emotions are constantly unstable
and I felt, I cry too much

so dear friend, can you bring me back to who i was...?