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Friday, June 10, 2011

ceritera maksiat


Manusia mana yang tidak membuat kesilapan. Hamba manakah yang tidak pernah bermaksiat. Kita semua pernah dipalit dosa. Cuma yang membezakan antara kita ialah, adakah kita berbangga dengan dosa yang kita lakukan lalu mencanang-canangkannya kepada orang ramai atau kita berusaha untuk bertaubat, meninggalkan maksiat yang pernah kita lakukan dan tidak membuka aib yang Allah telah tutupkan?

Rabbana ighfirlana dzunubana~

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



Only with the remembrance of Allah does the heart find peace.

What is the best time to remember Allah, if not when we touch our foreheads to the ground?
That is the time when we leave all of our egos to bow down to the Almighty.
That is when we put away our social status, our position at work, our riches and all things which makes us feel superior to the side, because we realised there is a greater power than us.

When we pray, it is a way for us to communicate with Allah.
But more importantly, it is a way to educate us to be a humble individual, to feel inferior as compared to His greatness, for us to remember that we are mere servants who were created to worship Allah and Him alone.

Because of its importance, it is the foremost ibadah that we have to take care of. There is absolutely no excuse not to perform it.

If you can't do it standing, sit.
If you can't sit, lie down.
If you have trouble moving your hands even while lying down, use your eyes.
If you are unable to move your whole body, use your heart.

Even till the end of your time, you will be sent off with a prayer.

Why can we find time to make our worldly life better but we are stingy with the time we spend with Him? Why can we be focused on our worldly affairs but we have absolutely no time to have a 'touch-down'?

Wallahu a'la wa a'lam..