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Sunday, April 13, 2008


this post was meant to be posted some four weeks ago...anyway, since i have painstakingly typed this long post, i decided not to delete it...

i've been to two postmortems..not on human bodies, but about the activities that i joined was the explorace during maulidur rasul, and the other was the annual grand meeting of PMIUM (stands for Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam Universiti Malaya)...everything went fine..actually, i was hesitant to disclose my origin during the agm postmortem, but since they already knew about it, i might as well tell them personally, rather than hide the fact that i'm sporean...

reason being, this organization is known for its campus political involvement..many who were caught having any relation or participating actively with PMIUM were dealt severely...i don't want to participate in anything that's political, and so was hesitant in case they decided i might be a potential candidate for the upcoming elections and such...

in any case, i was already sought after....i just got a message yesterday asking my help to write an article on current issues in English for PMIUM...i don't mind helping as long as it's not something political that i have to write...if that's the case, then sayonara to them....sorry, but i value my good name in campus....i don't want to tarnish my good name with a simple case of badmouthing others

as for the other postmortem, we actually have to comment on activities done by balai Islam KUAZ...we, as in balai Islam committee members...and so i brought up the issue of us having big projects, but during those projects that we see ourselves work....when there were no big projects, balai Islam seems non-existant...but all in all, i congratulate ourselves for our success..the president for balai Islam himself admitted that balai Islam had gotten the most projects for the college...mabruk!!!

and yes, i had joined in a biz promoted by my leader for sports and recreation unit for raudhah camp...i can't call this person by his position all the time, so i will name him.. well, azmi introduced to me this top-up biz...i was reluctant at first, coz it seems like a hoax..but seeing as my friends' needs are greater than the risk involved, i decided to's a simple biz actually...i just need to misscall or msg a certain number, and voila, your account has been top-upped... (is there such an expression??)

it has brought much ease to our life we don't need to frequent the shops for top-up slips...just text me and i'll do it for them..hehe

speaking of azmi, my friend and i have noticed much changes in his attitude...we used to be scared of him, coz he seems the rough and harsh....but after working with him on two activities, we're not so scared of him anymore...recently, he asked me for nasyids...i was surprised, naturally, as he doesn't seem the type to like nasyids...but anyway, even if it surprises me, i gave him a few songs...

huda kept saying that we managed to tarbiyyah him...but all thanks to God...we are only a medium, Allah is the only one that can change his servants....

wallahu a'la wa a'lam