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Sunday, September 1, 2013



It has been a long while. I think I have grown up more these past few months than I ever before.

Working with toddlers and children has been most rewarding. I have never felt bored, even though work keeps piling up day by day. It's true that sometimes I tend to complain, but that's just natural, isn't it? I need to vent off some frustrations so that I won't blow up.

These little kids have secured a special place in my heart, I just can't imagine leaving them behind. I love them more and more each day, even though a few of them do get into my bad books. But after all, they are children... I felt remorseful every time I was too hard on them.

Looking at them, I felt looking into my past, my present and my future.

How innocent a child is. How the world is a happy place for a child.

I was like them then too. I never thought of sadness and cruelty would happen to anybody in the world. My understanding of 'sadness' was when I did not get to eat my favourite food or a friend decided to play with another person instead of me.

Presently, a child is, most of the time, a teacher of experience for me. A teacher of life. I learnt a great deal from them and I hope they learn as much from me as I do from them.

Watching them grow up each day, the future looms in front of me. I feel the challenge of educating the young minds of today and I wonder how much more challenging it would be teaching the young minds of tomorrow... which would include my own offspring (insyaAllah)

Allah knows best. Because Allah has indeed put me in a condition that lets me do thinking and reflecting every day.

Allahu musta'an~


ف.ر. said... you want to know who I came to my mind when I read this post of yours?

Micheal Jackson! haha! kekek kan..

Micheal love children too. hehe.. I just watched documentary about Micheal at Youtube (if not mistaken, I think the title is Living with Michael Jackson?)with Jidah about him and an interview with his brother saying that Micheal always say that he see God in the children.



Nawal Insyirah said...

awak cute la fa..

who can resist children, kan? :)